Saturday, 20 December 2008

Math And Physics Club – Baby I’m Yours EP

This is the latest EP from Seattle’s Math And Physics Club, a band who have many more Anglo influences than ones from their home town. The singer has a lovely laid back way of singing, and the title track is a delightfully crafted little indie pop song. By the time you get to Nothing Really Happened you realise how crisp and tightly defined their songs are, they have a well rounded tunefulness like the Lucksmiths. In This Together is probably the best tune; some sighing strings feature, there is a gentle tune and some fantastic ba-ba-bas. Do You Keep A Diary is a lovely moment which you’ll want to take home with you, as you should this gorgeous EP.

The Baby I'm Yours EP is out now on Matinee Recordings
Math And Physics Club myspace is here

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samuel said...

great ep. my favorite track is "do you keep a diary," but they're all great. sorry to hear that saundrah (the violinist) left the band though, should be interesting how it affects their sound in the future.