Saturday 9 January 2010

Giorgio Maggiore – Radioanima

And this is Giorgio’s fourth album, from 2008. Swathes of synths cut across the start of the title track, like a slowly moving ice shelf in the sped up camera sequences. As the title track comes in three parts, I assume this is Tempeste Elettromagnetiche. The Radioanima segment of the track is like a particularly strident Edwyn Collins in a rather gothic mode. Isofrequenze is the final segment, a minimal instrumental piece. Liberi surprises with a more routine indie song with gothic tinges, but has some lovely singing and chiming restrained guitar. After another orchestral piece, Speranze Tradite, we reach La Porta a plodding track, in his now familiar gothic style. Ricordi Improvvisi is a lovely searching, solemn piano instrumental; Inno is lost alone in space psychosis, eerie and unsettling and on Wie Wird Meine Zukunft? he does a deathly slowly Get Back steal, set to morbidly feeling lyrics. The rather beautiful understated epic Pensieri Immortali closes proceeding on an interesting and at times lovely album.

Giorgio Maggiore's website is here and myspace here

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