Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I Know I Have No Collar – A Little Slow, A Little Late

The third album arrives from I Know I Have No Collar, originally a duo but now a five piece from Bristol. Lead track Book Two is the theme for a Parisian Bagpuss, as retold on the Left Bank. Nine Planets is a shuffly understated piece of indie folk that stays the right side of the twee line. Ten Houses It Wasn’t Either is somehow good, despite being little more than a parp and tinkle. Gospel is a maudlin and loping yet refreshing instrumental. Folded Away is another lovely backwoods folk tune, while Northern Wisconsong is Bon Iver folk with Midlake melodies and a repetitious tune. Finally, to finish a rather fine understated album you get Big Numbers, a chaotic school band rehearsal.

A Little Slow, A Little Late is out now on Stitch-Stitch Records

I Know I Have No Collar website is here

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