Sunday, 6 March 2011

Your new favourite band is Pris

Pris could well be my new favourite band. They don’t have a single out, just a fascinating web presence and some top tunes. Here’s why you’ll love them too;

  1. They deploy the classic cool line up. That being a four piece, three girls with a bloke shoved away behind the drums.
  2. They always look like they are having ridiculous fun. Probably because they are.
  3. Their melodies course through the veins of their pop songs, before infiltrating your heart.
  4. They are DIY and beautifully so. Not in an ‘I can’t be arsed to learn to play my instrument way’, but in a ‘let’s have a crack at this ourselves’ way, and part of the fun is the hiccups along the way.
  5. Because if you love Kenickie, Shampoo, Voodoo Queens and their ilk, you’ll love them. Because you obviously have great taste.
  6. They want to kill all indie landfill bands, and leave us with a purely glamour filled pop world.
  7. Remember when the Manics were young and glam and proper dangerous? That’s Pris.

There you are, the magnificent seven reasons to love them. If you want one more, check out the video for Blue Tack Baby below or find them on Facebook or Myspace


Trev Oddbox said...

They sound ACE! Have they got a myspace or a contact address?

Caitlin and Ciaran said...

They are really good :)