Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Momeraths – A Single Cup Of Tea EP

This is the second EP by The Momeraths, with one single in between. A Single Cup Of Tea has to be one of the most delicate songs of recent times, especially when its one that’s not overly twee. Cascading waterfalls of boy/girl vocals brim over a music box tune. The voices intertwine again on Millipede Stomps, clipped male vocals that are soulful like early Paul Heaton. It gathers speed in the bridge like something from Promenade era The Divine Comedy. The Boyfriend Song is a juddering twee boneshaker of a song, hurtling along gently at breakneck speed and finally The Photographer is a whirling cute jig.

A Single Cup Of Tea EP is self released on April 12th

The Momeraths myspace is here, where you can buy the single and download the title track for free.

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