Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jonsi – Go

The lead track on the first solo album from Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi is Go Do. In fact all three tracks from that single are included on this nine track album, so rather than bother you again explaining what they are like, I’ll direct you to my single review instead. The first new track is Animal Arithmetic, which whirrs round like fast rotating child’s windmill, then as things drop away here is Jonsi breathlessly, impatiently trying to make his point, repeatedly. As he finally does so, the music ebbs away beautifully. Tornado sounds more like the dead of winter, everything pristine and beautiful, but with a malevolent menace, waiting to spring into life and cause chaos at any minute. Swishes carry Jonsi’s voice over a sombre piano melody. Boy Lilikoi skitters away and Jonsi floats away on his train of thought. There’s a nice bit where the tunes ebbs away and pipish noises herald the tune back in, ushering its arrival. Sinking Friendships is angelic choral sounds, which explode into life midway through, before settling down again to caress the melodies with waves of sumptuous electronic sounds. Around Us is all waterfalls and fast flowing rivers. You can’t help but think of the harsh beauty of nature in Jonsi’s music. Finally Hengilas is dark and brooding, sumptuous and makes you want to cry. Beautiful stuff indeed.

Go is out now on Parlophone

Jonsi's website is here

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