Monday, 22 March 2010

Jonsi – Go Do

If Sigur Ros have been going more minimal and glacial of late, then Go Do is the more uplifting side, courtesy of lead singer Jonsi. There’s an electronic pulse that suggests the incidental music on a surreal children’s program. Jonsi’s ethereal warblings are more beautiful than ever. He sounds positively glorious and life affirming. All manner of electronic effects and noises caress the tune, yet they never become intruding. The song is something weirdly odd, but with enough of a melody to be on the Radio 1 playlist. The idea of the general public’s head being messed with appeals immensely. Kolnidur (I wish you could do a thorn on this computer, to make it look correct, but a d will have to suffice) moves at a funereal pace, before there is a false epiphany as the songs threatens to burst into life and then doesn’t, but once the surprise is over Jonsi is floating on clouds above your head. He’s worked a wonderful wrong footing as the song appears to build ever so gradually to a squeaking end. The final track on this single, Grow Till Tall paints an evocative picture of flowers growing in slow motion by camera trickery; it’s a song that reminds you of the beauty of nature. I’ve no idea what it’s really about, but that’s the beauty of Jonsi.

Jonsi website is here

Go Do is released by Parlophone on March 22nd, followed by the album Go on April 5th

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