Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Thunder Bunny – My Love, Thou Art A Monster

Here is a new EP from New Jersey based Thunder Bunny. Hustle It shakes and shimmies like a glacial Mary Chain, the beauty being somewhat smothered in the squalls of guitar effects rendering the whole thing more of a mess than the drugged up beauty that was intended. Yes, I Remember These Bones is a churning dirge that goes nowhere. The Whole World Gathered To Watch Him Fade Away is sluggish but fine Ride like indie, but without the killer hook and proof that more time is spent on song titles than melodies. Finally The Hungry Ghost (part 2) is eight minutes of discordant mess and nonsense.

My Love, Thou Art A Monster is released by Spanner Records on March 15th

Thunder Bunny myspace is here

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