Monday, 1 March 2010

Danny And The Champions Of The World – Streets Of Our Time

Danny And The Champions Of The World is the new act fronted by Danny Wilson and this is their debut album, released by home of alt country Loose Records. Lead track Henry The Van is an elegy to a defunct tour van, lovely harmonies and maudlin yet reminiscing vocals set to a whirring banjo tune that ticks along nicely. Swathes of cymbal swishes accentuate the sadness of the song. Restless Feet is a much more standard country tune, with a hometown sweetness and warmth, but nothing remarkable. Follow The River is a funky trad country thing, Danny’s voice decent enough on this one. Wandle Swan has some lovely lap steel licks, and a hurried demeanour, plus an excited melody. The title track is pretty much one of Neil Young’s downbeat beauties, even down to the vocals. Yr People Here is a false rapture, Bluebird is how it should have been done, a sunset soundtrack, propelled by the ever delightful banjo and Parakeets ends the album on a standard country note.

Streets Of Our Time is released on April 19th by Loose Records

Danny And The Champions Of The World myspace is here

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