Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Amys Ghost – Paper Boat

Here’s the new single from Reading five piece Amys Ghost. Yep, no apostrophe apparently. Stabbing strings herald in Paper Boat, with pretty standard female vocals. They aren’t that quirky which makes a nice change. The strings and cymbal crashes burble along nicely as waves of vocals wash over the top. It’s a sweet little number, wonderfully constructed, but lacking the killer hook. A gallant effort nonetheless. The dub remix of Call Your Name isn’t that dubby, more trip hoppy minimal Massive Attack, but it strips the heart from the tune. Finally there’s Grandma Singing These Eyes, featuring a tiptoeing piano and weird off key vocals, sung apparently by Amy’s grandma. Nice sentiment, but better left in the home recordings really.

Paper Boat is out today on First Circle Records

Amys Ghost myspace is here

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