Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Half Rabbits – From The Horizon To The Map

After six years in existence, The Half Rabbits debut album finally sees the light of day. The only slight disappointment is that six of the ten tracks have been previously released in one form or another. Some re-recordings has spruced them up, and it still provides a good introduction to the band, or place to catch up from. Lead track These Rumours is like a harsher Editors, pulsating guitars, crashing drums and a spiralling tune. Of This City is lighter, reminding me of Tim Booth vocals wise, with popping drums and spacious dark rock. Stay Positive is elastic and far reaching, uplifting and jagged. How Right You Are is stripped back from its original into a Doors-esque Spanish lullaby, where the vocals arise from the slumbers periodically. Antidote is slightly psychotic blues, jabbing this way and that, while Magnet Mountain issues a supply and demand rallying cry over a blistering rock tune. Man Down ends the album in a low rumble, brooding and moody. A nice summation of The Half Rabbits so far then.

From The Horizon To The Map is out on Punk Elvis Records on April 17th

More details from The Half Rabbits website

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