Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Rachael Dadd – Moth In The Motor

There is some nice ethereal trad folk from Rachael Dadd on the Moth In The Motor EP. The Age Of The Clock is especially lovely, a piano led number that brings to mind a slightly less hysterical Tori Amos. Caught In The Weight pootles along pleasantly enough, but comes to life in the non chorus bits of multi tracked sounding vocal flights of fancy. Until We Fall Apart and Table are examples how this kind of gorgeous light music can become rather non descript sadly. The Incident Of The Capsized Boat is a musical journey of the sounds of the title. The title track is great, Rachael really going for it, chucking in discordant noises over the piano, warbling and rocking out. Elaine jiggles and wriggles the EP to a close.

Moth In The Motor is out now on Broken Sound

Rachael Dadd's myspace is here

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