Monday, 8 February 2010

Archive Of Everything – Infinite Loss

The second album from one Chris Blundell, who alone is Archive Of Everything, starts with 15 Million In The Bank. It’s a plinky plonk cheap synth melody and has a surging chorus that overloads the system. Road To Retribution is a slow ponderous piece, while Ode To The Beast is clattering lo-fi electro, which lets up now and again for some Guy Garvey gone upbeat vocals. I Just Want To Talk is over needy and desperately pleading, a bit over bearing. What Happens To All The Fallen Leaves is a nicely wayward and windswept, but lacking in substance, while You Can’t Avoid Infinite Loss staggers uneasily in an electronic run down haze. After the simplistic thrash of A Fucking Riot we get the atmospherically beautiful Can You Please, with sighing keyboards, achy vocals and a maudlin demeanour making it a sweet thing. So Simple provides an understated end to the album.

Infinite Loss is self released and out now. For more details see the Archive Of Everything website

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