Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Exhibition – 4 Track Demo EP

Straight outta Barnsley, The Exhibition release their third demo EP, ahead of the release of their debut single later in the year. The Boy And The Tearaway has a touch of Elbow dramatics and some of Interpol’s dark effortless cool. It’s more of a mood than a song, gravitating through the dark space, churning away in a minor turmoil, grasping for an elusive something. Bright New Worlds has more melody, and is something like Kaiser Chiefs with a bit more subtlety. It’s refreshingly catchy for something alternative and threatens to jangle at times, but instead has more steel and shakes its stuff brilliantly. Things That Hide In The Dark jabbers contentedly, shaking its stuff round an indie dancefloor. Jagged guitars, drum rolls and epic yodelling indie vocals make it a sure fire alt disco hit. Last track Reaction is a good tune, but suffers from being not as good as what went before. Cherry pick the mid section of this EP if you want, but you ought to listen all way through as its good stuff indeed.

Download the EP for free from Of National Importance Records

The Exhibition myspace is here

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