Monday, 22 February 2010

The Pocket Gods – Plan Nub, Behind The Fridge

Here’s the third album from The Pocket Gods, following on from Lo-Fi Sci-Fi. After a brief intro we get Trailer Park On Mars which is surf pop fun and Billy Childish Enters The Space Race which is I, Ludicrous style shonky nonsense. Perfect Blue is twee exuberance, while I’m The Ed Wood Of Indie Pop is summed up by the title, a shaky scenery kind of fun indie pop song. Then there’s the half arsed Alien Xmas Song, sounding really odd out of season. The paean to Carry On Behind is reminiscent of BMX Bandits, cheesy lyrics, coy vocals and sweet melody. Nipple Fight is scuzzy Ramones indie punk, Nub Country Life is slacker indie pop, like one of Primal Scream’s lighter moments and Joe Meek is gorgeous life affirming indie pop with shuffly bells on, like Teenage Fanclub but happier. Finally, at least before the outro, Zeta Reticulli is sombre, like Suicide gone indie.

Plan Nub, Behind The Fridge is released on the band's own Nub Country Records on April 1st

Further details are on the band's myspace

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