Friday, 13 February 2009

The Bishops – If You Leave Today / For Now

If You Leave Today
The Bishops new single, If You Leave Today, is all sixties harmonies, new romantic charms and a big chirpy sing along. The other track, By Your Side, is all handclaps, stern alternative eighties pop like Teardrop Explodes. What you’re left with is a competent, if not terribly exciting single. Which is a shame as its not all bad, but there’s no hook (melodic or otherwise) to hang any love on.

For Now
The Bishops album meanwhile, expands on this. City Lights is a decent chirpy pop song that sounds like its come from the remnants of Brit Pop. Wandering By is more innocent pedestrian pop, decent enough and pleasant on the ear, but not likely to set the world alight. Hold On bursts out the traps, shrugging off anyone getting in the way, a bustling pop tune while Nothing I Can Do Or Say is the statutory slow one, starting off acoustically before getting an inoffensive bounce in its step. But from then on in you know what you’re getting, mainly because its what you’ve got already, a set of half decent tuneful Britpop cast offs. It’s not bad really; just it doesn’t really provoke any emotions in me.

If You Leave Today is released on February 16th by W2 Records, who will then release For Now on 2nd March
The Bishops myspace is here

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