Saturday, 14 February 2009

Voomz – Electronautz

Electronautz is the debut album by American artist Marcelle Dandy aka Voomz. There are thumping drums on opening track At The End Of It All, coy feminine vocals and then a belted out chorus. You can just listen and marvel at the way the verses work up the sultriness before exploding into the chorus. Golden starts almost ethereal before working up a disco beat with sexy innocent vocals, slowing down to work up the passion before pumping it up again. Following that you get Rendezvoom, which is more sultry electro sauce but things are starting to become repetitive somewhat, however if you like this sort of thing you’ll be very happy with this. Wonderland is quite eerie, and reminiscent of Strict Machine era Goldfrapp, a good thing indeed. The vocals are key on this album, evoking most of the mystery and emotions. Doll finds her coming on like an electro Kate Bush, moaning that she wants to be our doll, as galloping beats skip the tune along and the rhythm clatters. My Dear My Sweet My Lover is europop in its upbeat style, but a bit too bland to cut any mustard. Yes Yes Boom Boom is making you wonder whether the dregs are left to last, or whether too much upbeat electro pop is enough. A Dance In The Pond, although having a quickstep quirkiness would seem to confirm the problem but Red Hot is good though, swirly and odd, a real piece of avant garde electro pop.

Electronautz is out now on Voomz own label, StuLover Records
Voomz website is here

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Nice sound, I like!