Friday, 6 February 2009

Knight School – The Poor And Needy Need To Party

Brooklyn’s Knight School crack open the CDR wing of Lostmusic Records with their new album. Pregnant Again sees the band shambling around joyfully in an echo chamber while No One Likes Me No More merely shuffles itself around feeling sorry for itself. There may be some vocals on this, but they are that low in the mix they’re practically inaudible. Gordo Got The Part doesn’t do much for me either. Gardeninginginging is better, fuzzy and lo-fi, descending guitar parts and an abrupt stop giving it the feel of some mates recording in their shed. Things get better still as Maggot improves on this too, slumbering geek pop that it is. Head In A Hive is an interesting experimental sub minute squall and Vampire Schampire is mainly one man with guitar, lots of effects and rudimentary percussion. It works pretty well for its stripped back style. Who The Fuck Hung The Moon could be an indie pop classic, it sounds like a lost treasure dug up from the eighties. Crybaby completes a great double whammy with the preceding track, Mother Gas Station could be a nice little acoustic number, but is too lo-fi for its own good while Mrs Tambourine Man is a sweet little shuffly guitar number. You Are The Key is another of the too lo-fi numbers and Oprah is a sweet little harmonic pop thing to round things off nicely.

The Poor And Needy Need To Party is out now on Lostmusic Records
Knight School myspace is here

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