Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ivan Campo - << Super 7 >>

The Ivan Campo in this case is not the oddly haired footballer, but actually a folk pop combo delivering their new EP.
The Great Procrastinator is a sweet little minimal folk number, which is followed by Lotus Eater, which raises the tempo slightly, but the tone is still relaxed. The singer has the voice of a grubby little urchin, endearing yet unkempt. Lotus Eater reminds me of one of the Kooks more downbeat numbers, but without being irritating. The Curse and Rat Race sees the band dispensing what they seem to be experts in, frayed around the edges folk pop gems in two minutes. The Curse has the Bon Iver backwoods vibe to it, while Darling Diva is particularly lovely, a sumptuous pop song with gorgeous backing vocals and some cool beeping. After The Girl I Think I Thought I Saw the EP finishes on the twinkling beauty of The B&B. Marvellous stuff indeed.

Super 7 is self released on March 30th
Ivan Campo website and myspace

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