Monday, 26 January 2009

Molloy – Thursday Electric EP

London four piece Molloy deliver their fourth release unto us. The electronics squelch and fizz on the title track, while Caz goes into distressed, disinterested eighties girl mode. The chorus hook is good, but not massively catchy. There’s a good breakdown bit though, where things are getting smashed and the robotic singer is powering down. There follows Gather Round Girls, which is a repetitious electro pulse, ice cool and sinister. Wrong Way is slinky, but an unfinished half idea although The Healer is better, a more well rounded feisty electro pop song. On the whole though, this EP doesn’t give off the energy or power of their live show, which is a great shame.

Thursday Electric EP is out now on Silverstation Records
Molloy myspace is here

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