Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cars Can Be Blue – Doubly Unbeatable

On their second album, Cars Can Be Blue kick things off with Sun Blows Up, a song that sounds like a great fifties style Grease tune with great girlie vocals, ramalama rhythms and ooh-ing backing vocals. Coat Tails follows and is a rickety little song, but hurtles by in a blur of infectious enthusiasm. Eyeballs fuzzes and then drones in the chorus and couples that with some uplifting verses. Hope You’re Hurting is one of those great little indie pop tunes, fine melody, hurtling tune, spiteful lyrics and even some cool drum rolls while Pretty Special sounds like a weird nursery rhyme with some lyrical warning to musicians, and a slightly deranged singer. I Wish I is another cracking indie pop tune that jerks and rolls around, Ribbon is half kind of trash surf instrumental with the rest being mad shoutings in the middle, while Cycle Of Violence throws us a curveball, sounding like Tom Waits romping with Suicide and the Cramps, all within two minutes. You’re On Drugs brings things back round to how it was, a rollicking little tune with great vocals from Becky who has just the right mix of sassy and snotty throughout the album. Just Because is another cracking tune, the way they seem to churn out these delightful two minute pop songs with ease amazes me, but pleases me in equal measures. So Cheap sees them doubling up the vocals to get the required anger and bile needed for this snotty but ace punk pop song. Seems We’re Breakin’ Up is an epic by their standards, clocking in at almost three minutes. It’s probably their most straight forward pop song, it stops and starts with delicious drums rolls, infectious vocals and a keen melody.
Definitely an album worth checking out, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Doubly Unbeatable is out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Cars Can Be Blue myspace is here

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