Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hotpants Romance – It’s A Heatwave

Hotpants No Chance has a decent if rudimentary tune, but three girls shouting over the top like troublesome toddlers is a bit much for me. Sugar Dip works a bit better, it’s still the same scratchy guitars, but the screaming seems more deranged and fits the tune better. The title track works even better still, it’s a virtual sugar rush through a mere 55 seconds. Shake has a cool chugalong tune, the vocals mumbled somewhat which helps. Effin’ + Jeffin’ is another decent one screaming its way by in a blur of fuzzy guitars.
The majority of songs aren’t very long at all, and the whole of this 12-track debut album passes by in just over 17 minutes. While the amateur ramshackle tunes and carefree/careless vocals of tracks like Blow My Fuse (and many of the others for that matter) are fine enough, they prove a tad too grating to my ears. But that’s just me; I can see enough charm in Hotpants Romance to suggest that many people will absolutely love them.

It’s A Heatwave is out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Hotpants Romance myspace is here

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