Sunday, 7 December 2008

Katie Malco – Four Goodbyes

Katie has a very good, country styled voice and some good songs, but it’s not really enough to carve a niche for her in today’s market. I’m sure that supported by the push of a big label she would succeed, but on a small label such a Skyeyesea Records she’s probably doomed to fail. It’s not their fault or hers, just indicative of the sad state of the music industry nowadays.
Still, the music doesn’t grab you as something that demands to be heard, so maybe she is as much to blame, and is kind of unlucky with the breaks. As long as she’s happy with writing good songs for a passionate but small audience, she’ll be fine. As she should be.

Four Goodbyes is released on 15th December on Skyeyesea Records
Katie Malco's myspace is here

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