Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dax - Overnight Sensation

The third album from Southern Indiana’s Dax arrives five years after his last, in which time he has been off fronting metal band De-Hydrated.
Dax has a strange voice, somewhere between American hillbilly and Scandinavian eccentric. Therefore opening track Thirty Something sounds something like a cultured version of Kings of Leon doing soft metal. Man Overboard seemingly wants to rock the fuck out, but holds back and settles for some relaxed southern rocking. Where I Belong seems to find its level, Dax’s gentle growl giving the song a warmth befitting of its nature while The Deep End continues from the point Where I Belong left off, and is very similar in nature to the preceding song. The Painter is more melancholy and works much better but Memorize My Love is a horrid MOR ballad and Breakfast at Teffany’s is a cliché ridden southern rocker. It then carries on downhill with I Remember being a big old knackered belter although Much To My Chagrin is a bit better with some nice organ features, but the vocals seem to be trying a tad too hard. The final track Closer is another cliché ridden boogie.

Overnight Sensation is released on December 16th on Haight Rite Records
The Dax myspace is here

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