Monday, 29 December 2008

Ray Brower – Aye Aye Clich

Ray is not one person, but four, and this is their debut EP. She Make Me She Do is squalling garage rock; you can practically hear the band throwing themselves around the studio while they were recording this. Drums build in the bridge before they throw themselves back into it. Musically its nothing grand, but it has all the passion it needs and then some. CVF drops some depth charge keyboard noises, a sludgy guitar line and some desperation vocals, it explodes now and again, but isn’t a patch on the lead track. Come To My Disco is similarly crazed and shonky, as is Stuck Between Rock N Roll. Both are mercifully brief, just how garage rock should be for maximum effect.

Aye Aye Clich is out now on Wet Nurse
Ray Brower website is here

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