Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Camp – Stronger Than Jesus

Stronger Than Jesus is a classy modern show tune in which Nina sashays down the stairs in some grand theatre before bursting into the chorus and breaking hearts and illusions in the process. There’s an odd moment where she tells us that love can “do you like a shotgun” and I’m not entirely sure whether she means this in a good or bad way. Whatever, it’s a beautiful tune full of pomp and circumstance and lots of much needed glamour. Niclas Frisk seems to have managed to harness the sparkle that Nina seemed to have lost in the latter years of the Cardigans and on Stronger Than Jesus he gives her a great platform to shine. This is the lead single of what promises to be a fine second album, called Colonia.

Stronger Than Jesus is released by Reveal Records on January 19th
A Camp myspace is here

And as an added bonus here is the weird yet wonderful video:

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