Monday, 29 December 2008

The Endless Bummer – Donald Fagen Mixtape

The singer sings in a voice somewhere between Jeff Lewis and Kermit and the EP is kind of endearing despite this. In a similar way to Lewis the lyrics are more important than the tune, which on Baseball In China seems to be merely a keyboard demo and a drum machine. The chorus, which is just the title repeated over and over, works pretty well with this kind of minimalist music. Boring But Beautiful follows a similar format, but is sweet enough to get away with it. Herman Dune would be another worthy comparison to The Endless Bummer’s tunes. Rio Grande Sandbar, 2001 is somewhat barbershop while Mend My Bleeding Heart skips along like a lovelorn teen, and has the charm of someone like Jens Lekman.

Donald Fagen Mixtape is out now on Wee Pop!
The Endless Bummer myspace is here

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