Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Swanton Bombs – Mammoth Skull

The debut EP by East London two piece starts with Shock, which is a weird thing, somewhere between the basic songs of The Research and the shuffly trendy pop of someone like Foals. It’s all juddery choruses and staccato rhythms. Turnstile I like better, mainly because it reminds me of The Spinto Band, chiming piano riffs, and a great sense of melody with some playful vocals. Moth And Moon Song is a big oompah tune, some weird and wonderful backing noises and voices. It’s a woozy waltz through a fairy tale land. After that Vanishing Point is a bit more straight forward, a spiralling tune that descends you into nothingness.

Mammoth Skull is released by Quiff Records on January 19th
Swanton Bombs myspace is here

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