Monday, 29 December 2008

Little My – Little My’s Seventh

Little My do that kind of rickety indie pop, exceedingly twee, with whimsical vocals, high glock content, recorders, etc. In the wrong hands this can sound cloying and irritating, but not in the experienced hands of Little My. Even when they’re singing about having someone Sellotape My Hands, as they do on the lead track its exceedingly cute and adorable. And yes, all the above elements are present and correct on this track. Forever (Not) Yours has a wobbly keyboard line that makes you feel seasick, while the male and female vocalists converse with each other. Leaves Nothing is a shy shuffling in the corner creature, while Guess Who is an extremely twee Los Campesinos! This is available on a blue vinyl 7” that comes in the cover above or a 3” CDR, which comes in a blue cover replete with a different card from the Guess Who game.

Little My’s Seventh is out now on Wee Pop!
Little My myspace is here

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