Sunday, 7 December 2008

Witches - EP

Oxford’s Witches put out an EP to tide people over as they wait for their second album, which is currently being recorded. Some of these tracks may appear on that album, some may not. And those that do may be in a re-worked form, so its worth trying to get hold of this EP.
There’s A Darkness has some beautifully beguiling vocals set over some maudlin wassailing music, there are some spectral moments and steady drums and sawing strings. After a solemn start Stammer kicks things into life, Dave finds he’s struggling to keep up with the rattling tune, which feels incredibly disorientating thanks to some electronics and keyboard trickery. Leave has plenty of gloomy portent, the dark moments being offset by a shivering quiet spell, before it kicks back in with a burst of the ever vital trumpet. Church Beds finds some medieval sounding music providing the bed for some suitably despairing sounding vocals building to a grandiose church organ solo and finally we have B O K, which is quite different, double tracked vocals and lots of minimal electronics featuring heavily in the tune, which at points becomes almost industrial.

The EP is out now, but appears to have been just a giveaway at a gig. However you can listen to it here
Witches website is here

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