Saturday, 29 November 2008

Video Nasties – Albatross EP

The title track is a whirling rock beast; the band fronted by someone who you would imagine is a cross between Lux Interior and Iggy Pop. It calms down in the middle, centres itself and swaggers beautifully before launching into a spirited ending.
Heart & Bones is a little more straightforward and easy on the ear. Its like The Killers could be if Brandon Flowers grew a spine and developed a slightly more psychotic singing voice. Break is excellent, like The Mary Chain taking over a church and commandeering the organ to play to the congregation. Man continues in this splendid vein, more chugging dark pop. It’s weird that they saved the best for last, but at least it’s on there.

Albatross EP is out 15th December on Dead Again Records
Video Nasties myspace is here

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