Saturday, 29 November 2008

Battle For Prague – We Could Be Anywhere

We Could Be Anywhere is the debut EP by Birmingham’s Battle For Prague and it’s a damn fine start. Lead track Hundred Feet Below is like a languid version of Kings Of Leon, which is no bad thing. The less frantic type of tune lets the melody wash over you in a lovely way as guitars spiral the tune upwards, the drums anchoring it in a stabbing fashion. I See A Ghost is deliberately cautious, the singer moaning spectacularly about how he knows our secret, putting us on the backfoot as the song swells back into life and soon he’s wailing it from the rooftops. The Wetlands is more standard fare, chipping angular guitars keeping the song balanced, and the tune sounds a little like Buffalo Tom at times. Car/Plane/Boat brings us back round to where we started, similar in feel to the initial track, but with a bit more verve.

The We Could Be Anywhere EP is self released and out now
Battle For Prague myspace is here, where you can buy the EP

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