Sunday, 2 November 2008

Young Sensation – Beautiful Noise

That Young Sensation’s second single comes on a lovely mint green 7” wins them many points from the start. The music wins them many more.
Beautiful Noise is all bouncy, chipping guitar and a vocalist who at times sounds like a cross between David Byrne and a preacher. It’s the way he sometimes yelps evangelically into a line that does it. There’s some lovely backing vocals, whether wordless and interjected, or questioning.
Happiness is more of the same, yet this time it twinkles like The Spinto Band and has a fine see-sawing tune. Again there are great backing vocals and this time there’s a rather odd speaking in tongues mid section.
It’s a very fine single, and one you should own without doubt.

Beautiful Noise is out now and available from the band's myspace

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