Sunday, 2 November 2008

Findo Gask – One Eight Zero

Wonderfully this EP kicks off with yearning vocals, like the Associates and more recently Wild Beasts. There’s a lovely Scottish lilt to the vocals, which is accompanied by some surging electro pop, upbeat and squelching. One Eight Zero is an infinitely danceable and ridiculously catchy pop tune, complete with an old skool breakdown in the middle.
Jigsaw is a little more fidgety, a little unsure of itself, but somewhat religious sounding, near to spiritual. Nubo with its brass, fall in with the Beirut crowd, yet still retains a bounce to make your feet itch to move. The Ripped Speakers mix of One Eight Zero, sounds just like that at times, clips of the song rattling around inside a wastepaper bin. Other times it reminds me of the descending beats that The Flaming Lips utilised so well on At War With The Mystics and that’s rather good indeed. About half way through the song picks up somewhat, kicking out some crazy beats, some cool bloops and bringing bits of vocals back in.

One Eight Zero is released on December 8th on Angular Recordings

The Findo Gask myspace is here

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