Sunday, 16 November 2008

Brightblack Morning Light – Motion To Rejoin

The second Brightblack Morning Light album doesn’t start well, after a short introductory track you get Hologram Buffalo, which despite the great name is a shuffling quasi jazz track, and was no doubt recorded in a suitably smokey room.
And so it goes on throughout the whole album. Gathered Years sounds virtually the same, barely rising out of its slumbers through the whole eight minutes it bothers us with its presence. Most of it is thoroughly dull. Another Reclaimation is slightly more interesting in a druggy, hypnotic way, but that’s only compared to the boring nature of the rest of the album. Sorry to become repetitive, but it seems somewhat apt given the music contained herein, but this must be the dullest album I’ve ever heard.

Motion To Rejoin is out now on Matador Records
Brightblack Morning Light myspace is here

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