Sunday, 16 November 2008

Neon Neon – Dream Cars

Dream Cars sounds like something from the eighties, which is obviously the intention, the Dream Cars in question being DeLorean’s futuristic craft. It has expansive bits in the chorus that mark the advancing technology and churning verses that sound like the machinery driving the dream and the song.
There are four versions of Dream Cars here, the Radio Edit and Album Version being identical apart from length.
New song Mr Right is a minimal chug, a little like Kraftwerk, but not cold enough to work. It sounds a bit half baked. The Motor City Mix of Dream Cars, although a little more glacial, just sounds like it has had all the life sapped out of it. The Dream Drums Mix is much more interesting, if not a resounding success. It turns it into a disorientating techno lite tune.

Dream Cars is released on 8th December on Lex Records
Neon Neon myspace is here

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Shaira said...

neon cars are cool specially in the dark place and if it has a great combination of colors. my all time favorite color when it comes to car is blue

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