Sunday, 18 January 2009

Luca Olivieri – La Quarta Dimensione

La Quarta Dimensione is the latest release from Luca Olivieri, an Italian composer and musician. The first track Angelina is beautiful and brittle, mysteriously French and delicate. Chrome slows things down, moving along at its own maudlin pace and Lontana Presenza presents itself as a window to a happier place. If there’s a problem I have with this album, it is that it’s all too slow moving and a bit too samey for me. Maybe I don’t really understand atmospheric, instrumental, slightly classical music though. That may well be the problem, that it’s just not my bag. I can imagine it being right up the street of some people I know however.
Moving on, Il Sogno Di Napo shimmies a little, with a laid back trad Italian vibe. L’Attesa is similar in tone, but drags its feet a little more. Fantasmi is all waltzy like a magical merry go round and Baricentro Morale brings things right back down to earth; it’s a beautiful little piece, sad and moving. Most of the rest of the album passes by much the same as before. On the whole its not bad, but a little too atmospheric and non dynamic for my tastes.

La Quarta Dimensione is self released and out now
Luca Olivieri's website is here and myspace here

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