Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Lolligags – Out Of Perversity Join Hands

The second EP by electro-duo The Lolligags starts with Merry Go Round, which is a bit like new wave goth meets electro pop, somewhere between Siouxsie and Robots In Disguise. Yes, the female vocals help point you the way of these comparisons, but if they are accurate why not use them? This flows into Sister Lover and you can barely see the join. Sister Lover might be slightly more flighty but there’s not much in it. It’s this initial similarity that makes All The Deer Daughters even more special. It has a glacial beauty provided by some great strings that hides a sinister interior, supplied by the lyrics and chimes. Basically it lures you in and ensnares you in its dark world. A Spanner In The Works is electro girl group pop; while the tune can prove a tad weak it’s another interesting twist from the band. Best Behavior is great, a cool robotic electro pop tune, some nice yelps, twinkly noises and squelches. Kitten, Come Over is a new wave classic, all dated yet still futuristic sounding while My Mascara closes the EP with a pulsing New Order dance beat, it throbs and thrusts around the dancefloor as the icy vocals shout out the instructions.

Out Of Perversity Join Hands is out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
The Lolligags myspace is here

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