Friday, 2 January 2009

Shrag – Shrag

The debut Shrag album is basically a collection of their singles so far, but it’s a good starting point. First up is Pregnancy Scene which starts like an electro rockabilly tune before kicking into military stomping bits, fierce ranting and bits where the girl vocalist is standing with her hands on her hips lecturing you. A weird mix, but one that works rather well. Long Term Monster is a rallying hard indie tune, with the well used sing a bit, scream a bit vocal technique. It’s a cracking tune, so they pull it off. Lost Dog becomes the best thing so far, a dark rumbling tune and some creepy vocals, replete with punky chorus. Talk To The Left is rather icy cool, a processed, nay robotic tune, with some near spoken words instructing the man to just get on with the task in hand. And when you’re spoken to like that, you wouldn’t argue. Forty Five 45s is one of my favourites, a lovely slow tune, some laid back gorgeous vocals and a chorus that picks up the pace just slightly, but to the absolute right level, and then only for a moment. It’s a great example of making people listen by being carefully spoken rather than ranting. After that there’s Cupboard Love which is a spindly, scrawny tune that twists and turns and squirms its way into your affections, Mark E Smith which is a ranting, rattling tune of which the man himself would be proud and Hopelessly Wasted, a downbeat end to the album, desolate and despairing.

Shrag is out on January 19th on Where It's At Is Where You Are
Shrag myspace is here

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