Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Camp – Colonia

Now that their previous bands are over, Nina (The Cardigans) and Niclas (Atomic Swing) can concentrate on A Camp. Their second album Colonia arrives a mere eight years after their first.
It all starts with The Crowning, a grandiose number that sashays and swirls around the dancefloor. Stronger Than Jesus sees Nina lording it up over the fellows, while being the doomed star in some glitzy musical. Vocally she is really on magnificent form, curling her tongue around some great words, really imposing herself on the songs. Bear On The Beach is downtrodden, yet somehow maintains its glamour in the twilight of its existence. Golden Teeth And Silver Medals is a very atmospheric duet; they encourage each other by trading vocals, then burst into a big joint effort. In a film this is the moment when the stars would twinkle as they hold each other and sing out. Here Are Many Wild Animals reminds me a little of Nina’s song with the Manic Street Preachers, if done with a lot more style and panache. My America becomes a cry across the ocean for attention, with a bouncy, sunset pop feel to it and I Signed The Line is an understated grandiose piece, and one you could imagine Rufus Wainwright singing.
Where their first album was merely decent, they’ve really moved up some gears and pulled out all the stops on this one.

Colonia is released by Reveal Records on February 2nd
A Camp myspace is here

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