Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bearsuit – Oh:io

A new Bearsuit album commences with Jupiter Force (Recruitment Video) which starts with some right joyous keyboards, before a guitar fuzzes in along with some brass sounds and then the keyboard is fighting back, weaving magical spells across the tune, while the singers, Iain and Lisa, do their best to shout then sing and make themselves heard. There are so many delightful parts to this song I can’t begin to convey it. More Soul Than Wigan Casino follows that and is again upbeat, it reminds me of some weird hybrid of The Brilliant Corners and Los Campesinos! The emphasis when they shout “soul” tells you all you need to know about this song. Steven Fucking Spielberg starts all Spanish sounding, before sounding like some modernised electro folk song. It’s a little less frenetic than the other tunes. Dinosaur Heart flies by at a mad speed, the singers alternating between being screamo and angelic. Keep It Together, Somehow is a sweet little pop tune, the singers swapping lines throughout, although it could do without the shouty backing vocals at times though. Foxy Boxer shows how Iain can sound despairing like Graham Coxon, while Lisa shows him who is boss. Riot electro grrl anyone? The Love Will Never Find You is some class driven electro pop and with bands like Johnny Foreigner getting popular, why not Bearsuit? Hark! The Feral Children is the sound of children building up to and having sporadic tantrums while Stay Alive wraps things up with a lovely piano led coda of a song.

Oh:io is out now on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Bearsuit myspace is here

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