Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Deirdres – Milk Is Politics

Cherryade celebrate their 20th release by putting out a white vinyl 7”, which marks The Deirdres debut UK release. If you think of the shambling cuteness of The Research and the exuberant joy of Los Campesinos! and somewhere in the middle you have The Deirdres and their new single Milk Is Politics. It’s shouty, but cutesy and wonderfully happy.
Sir Michael of Aspel is a ramshackle tribute (possibly, who knows with the yelping lyrics) to the fella off the TV. You can’t help but be dragged along on their wave of enthusiasm for him. The lyrics are childish, but deliberately so, and endearing they prove. The single proves you have far more fun when you don’t pretend to be cool.

The Deirdres myspace

Cherryade Records website

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