Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Humdrum Express - What A Carry On! EP

Two albums into his solo career and The Humdrum Express is back, this time with a free EP of new stuff, reworked oldies and a cover.
Lead track What A Carry On! is a little gothic, but reminds me of Magazine or Wire more so. It’s a branch out from his previous stuff, but a smart move, and a sound that suits him well.
The reworked The Way It Goes is rendered into a sweet little nursery rhyme. Cool as that is, much better is Stay In Bed All Day, which is given an Electro Mix. This finds some robotic effects and fine beats over which snippets of vocals float. It provides a nice new slant on his work and let’s hope more work is done in this direction. I for one would like to hear an instrumental version of this track.
Vocally Tom Morgan’s The Outdoor Type, as made famous by The Lemonheads, is rendered faithfully but there’s an air about it that inflates the tune and gives it room to manoeuvre. In this slightly-delic style it probably hits closer to the heart of the song than any of the previous versions.

Contact The Humdrum Express for a free copy of the EP via his website or myspace

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