Sunday, 12 October 2008

Milky Wimpshake - One Good Use For My Heart EP

The title track on the new Milky Wimpshake EP is a nice, if somewhat standard indie pop tune. It’s overshadowed by (Show Me The Way To) Anarchy, a spacious stroll that gives more room for Pete’s lyrics, which is a good thing indeed, as he has a lot to say.
It takes a special mind to put together a medley of the old music hall tune If You Want To Know The Time Ask A Policeman and Yummy Fur’s Policeman. But it works rather well, the former setting up the latter to drive a point home.
The nonsense of Milky Cliché shows up what makes Milky Wimpshake slightly better than a lot of indie pop, and that’s Pete’s voice. It’s commanding of attention and sits rather well with backing.
A fun run through The Isley Brothers’ This Old Heart Of Mine finishes the EP in a nice fashion. Three albums and numerous singles down the line, the quality shows no signs of slipping.

One Good Use For My Heart EP is out on Fortuna Pop on 3rd November

Milky Wimpshake website here

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