Sunday, 26 October 2008

Various – Be True To Your School

Compilations are funny things. They can be a place for new discoveries, finding old favourites again, but most of all inconsistent. A trip into the vaults of Fortuna Pop! however, produces many more gems than duff tracks. Over 25 tracks the hit rate must be about 90% and to be honest, there’s nothing absolutely awful here.
For a mere £4.99 you’ll find Tender Trap, which is Amelia Fletcher and cohorts doing what they do best, the Belle and Sebastian like Blinky by Sodastream, the excitable juddery pop of Itsuko Got Married by Bearsuit and the Gallic pop meets Pizzicato 5 sounds of Cannonball Jane’s Take It To Fantastic. The Loves best bubblegum pop moment Xs and Os is here, as is T Shirt Weather by the best pop band around, The Lucksmiths.
On the other side of the coin you have the gritty country of Yvonne by micktravis and the downbeat and dishevelled Rob A Bank by The Butterflies Of Love. MJ Hibbert’s Work’s All Right is rough around the edges, fuzzy and funny, while Too Old by Would Be Goods reinvents Nico. There are enough reasons already to get this, and I haven’t even mentioned the great pop by Milky Wimpshake, Comet Gain and the childish fun of I’m A Tiger by International Strike Force.

Be True To Your School is released on 24th November on Fortuna Pop!

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