Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Lorimer Sound – Greenstreets

Greenstreets is the latest release by Chicago’s The Lorimer Sound, a lovely little EP for your delectation.
Lead track Brooklyn Bound is as well crafted as something like The Lucksmiths, the jolly bounce of it also sounds like The Brilliant Corners in places. Kristine’s vocals are delightful, sweet but not overly so. Block Party is twee rockabilly, a gentle rumbling instrumental while Through The Park has vocals that are slightly too twee and distract too much from the great indie pop melody running beneath. This track is too good to not spend time mixing it again. Photograph that follows proves they know how it should be done.
A guest vocalist is introduced for Notre Chanson En Francais, which is suitably Gallic and effortlessly cool. Amy’s spoken vocals just add the final touch to a cool song.

The Lorimer Sound's myspace is here

Greenstreets is out now on 3" CD with gorgeous packaging on Wee Pop!

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