Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The 7.20s – Demo

The 7.20s are a band from Rugby who aim to make music for the masses. A pretty grand aim, and not really the best to go for. After all music for the masses is often rather dull, being a watered down version of anything interesting, purely to appeal to your casual coffee table listener. And so it proves. Rides On High is a weak version of The Enemy, a band as dull as ditchwater themselves. Shark Tooth is a hollow gothic effort, some cool spiralling guitars but it is let down than some less than interesting vocals and rudimentary drums. Keep On Holding On is crazily grandiose, with epic vocals, church organ and other dark instrumentation making this by far the best track. It’s like something out of the Joy Division vaults musically, with a more uplifting vocal.
The 7.20s myspace is here

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