Monday, 27 July 2009

Snippet – The T-Shirt EP

Johnno Casson from Colchester is Snippet and this is his second release. I Love Your T-Shirt has squelches and shuffles rhythmically, a proverb like lyrical middle bit and a bit where it appears to want to launch off to space in a makeshift craft. It’s a sweet piece of oddball pop. Just A Man follows this in suitably chilled out Lightning Seeds way, with a little edge to make it memorable. There’s also a bit where he threatens to turn into Mike Skinner, but mostly its pie and mash fun. Lion Step Forward is an interesting instrumental interlude, shuffling like an acid jazz children’s TV theme. Lovely Ugly People is a nice hippyish dream, set to a downbeat piece of pristine kids pop; it’s a nursery rhyme for the disenfranchised. Finally we have Love U 4 All Time, a jittery morning after tune, not sure of itself or it’s surrounding, flitting this way and that, uncomfortable in its own skin.

The T-Shirt EP is released on 24th August on Quirky Sounds
Snippet myspace is here

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