Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Transmittens – Our Dreams

Jen and Danny from Kansas are Transmittens. Lead track Balloons In The Sky is cutesy boy girl twee pop, musically limited, but quite endearing. A fizzing synth leads out the twirling pop of Meet Me At The Swings and Saturday Socks is more shambling fun. By the time we get to Everytime You Cry the same trick is being turned out again, but with ever diminishing returns. Sadly the album doesn’t get a lot better. You can tell the sort of thing you’re getting by song names such as Boo And Sparklemittens, Cow Clouds and My Heart’s In The Dumpster. Music for under achievers basically.

Our Dreams is out now on Wee Pop! Records
Transmittens myspace is here

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Poprocks & Coke said...

I agree, unfortunately. I had high hopes for the album when I listened to 'Balloons in the Sky' but the rest of the EP isn't quite as catchy.