Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sebastian Clark & Normandie Wilson – Music For Smart People

Following up Songs From A Van, Sebastian enlists the help of Normandie Wilson from Red Pony Clock on his new album, which comes complete with mirrored cover. It starts with a track called Love, which is like Tyrannosaurus Rex on ecstasy, more love and weirdness abounding, sharing space with pixie like voices and waterfalls of gorgeousness and a light tune. Maybe We Could Even Be Friends continues the crazy folkiness and then Normandie takes the lead on Contract Between Us and things aren’t as arresting on this smoky ballad, she sounds like Sinead O’Connor at times trying to do lounge jazz. Too Much is a splendid hi nrg gay disco and folk hybrid, squirming and fizzing all over the place, with the vocals sounding like they are on helium almost. Too Soon takes a middle ground between one of Beck’s esoteric moments and something slinky by Ween, while Dirty Shame is a Normandie sung slinky jazzy ballad. Look What You Did is a weird and wonderful thing that gets dirty with the spirit of Tom Waits, winos and the spirit world. It’s very mixed up, decidedly odd and rather fine. I Won’t Leave You Behind is a sad spiritually felt little song, a promise that means more than anything and a gorgeous little song, saving the best til last.

Music For Smart People is self released and out now. Buy it here
Sebastian Clark's myspace is here

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